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PVB - Heat resistance


The Heat Insulated Laminated Glass is created by laminating two or more pieces of glass sheets holds together with the new type of heat insulated PVB film. This special kind PVB film can reduce over 80% of the infrared transmittance, control glare and blocked over 99% of the UV rays. It can be designed to replace standard window glass with heat insulated laminated glass to be kept on energy-saving properties. Therefore, it is one of best solutions to save energy in all types of domestic, commercial and public buildings.


Thickness (mm)0.76/1.14/1.52
Length (M/Roll)200/150/100
Width (mm)600-3300
ColorLight Blue
Roughness Rz (μm)15 - 70
Moisture Content (%)0.35 - 0.55
Heat Shrinkage Rate (60℃/15min )  (%)≦ 8.0
Pummel Value 7
Visible Light Transmittance (%)≧ 88
Haze (%)< 0.4
Blocked Infrared-light (%) 84
Blocked UV-light (%) 99
Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC %) 0.6
Tensile Strength (MPa)≧ 20.0
Tensile Elongation (%)≧ 200


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Jiahua is at the leading position in PVB film market based on imported producing lines, rich experience and mature technology. 

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