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PVB Resin

Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) is a resin which a member of the polyvinyl acetal family. Produced through the reaction of polyvinyl alcohol with butyraldehyde. Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) properties including high tensile strength, strong binding, impact resistance, transparency and optical clarity. PVB resins are used in general industrial and wood coatings, wash primers, ceramic substrates, composites and structural adhesives, and gravure or flexographic inks. And it is particularly suitable as an adhesive film interlayer in laminated safety glass in automotive windshields and architectural safety glass.






Bulk Density (g/cm2)

0.18 - 0.3

Volatile (wt %)

3.0 Max

Haze (wt %)

0.4 Max

Melt index (wt %)

1 - 3

Butyral (wt %)

72 - 78

Free Acid (mg KOH/g)

0.5 Max

Hydroxyl (wt %)

18 - 21

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